Scientific: Dieffenbachia

Common Name: Dumb Cane

Family: Araceae

Origin: South America

In the 80s, you could find me everywhere: waiting room, offices, building halls, etc. Not a single place where I couldn’t be found. In the past few years, I have been taken off from homes, wrongly, because my beautiful foliage brightens up your interior.

How can you recognize me?

I have a very thick stem with large, fleshy, slightly drooping leaves, often speckled with green and yellow.

My flowering is the same as my cousin, the Alocasia.

Fun fact:

In the days of the cotton plantations, a small amount of my foliage was given to the slaves so that they would not talk to each other and focus on their work

Up to 60' high

Partial shade during the summer Bright place during the winter


1X/week April to September 1X/3 weeks the rest of the year Wait until the soil is dry


As soon as there is more roots than soil. Repot it so a slightly bigger pot (1"-2" max)