Crassula Ovata (Jade Tree)

Scientific: Chlorophytum Comosum

Common Name: Jade Tree

Family: Crassulaceae

Origin: South Africa

 You can find me in all the decoration magazines, because I’m THE easiest succulent to take care of. I retain water in my fleshy leaves to feed myself up to 1 month.

You will fall in love with me instantly, I’m just too cute with my Bonsai look.

How can you recognise me?

I have fleshy leaves, green or silvery, and succulent stems. I bloom with small white bouquets at the top of my branches.

Fun fact:

I’m known for bringing prosperity, so don’t forget to put me on your desk!

3'-10' high

Shade to full sun


1X/week April to September 1X/3 weeks the rest of the year Wait until the soil is dry


Once every 3-4 years. Succulents like to be tight in their pots