Scientific:  Calathea

Family: Marantaceae

Origin: South America

Perfect plant for beginners and low indirect light rooms. My different patterned foliage will make you fall for me. 

How can you recognise me?

Depending on the variety, I can have rounded, elongated, colourful and patterned  leaves. 

Fun Fact:

If you look at me day and night, I don’t have the same shape. At night, my stems straighten, and my leaves get closer to each other. In the morning, my stems and leaves return to their original position. This movement allows me to protect myself against possible external aggressions. 

Up to 25" high

Partial shade

15° - 20°

2X / week from April to September 1X/week the rest of the year

Humid room

As soon as there is more roots than soil. Repot it so a slightly bigger pot (1"-2" max)