Aloe Vera

Scientific: Aloe Vera

Common Name: Aloe

Family: Aloeaceae

Origin: Africa

I am the perfect plant for the forgetful in watering, I draw my nutrients in the gel of my leaves. On the other hand, do not leave me by an air flow, I would risk to catch a cold.

I have multiples virtues:  depolluting, cosmetics, dietetics, etc.

How can you recognize me?

I have thick green leaves growing in a circle

Fun Fact

In some countries, such as in Mexico, I am considered as a lucky plant and am offered to the bride and groom as a guarantee of long life and happiness for the couple.


Bright but not direct

10° - 24°

2X / week from April to September 1X/week the rest of the year

Anywhere but humid room, outside during summer

Every 3 years. Likes to be tight in its pot