Alocasia Amazonica Polly

Scientific: Alocasia x Amazonica “Polly”

Common Name: Alocasia Polly

Family: Arum

Origin: South East Asia

My 77 sisters and I are among the best-known plants, but I’m sure you don’t know everything about me.

I am capricious and difficult to take care of; but once I receive the love I need, I am the most beautiful plant.

How can you recognize me?
If you want a jungle style interior, I’m here for you.
I am tall and majestic.
My large, wide dark green leaves are impressive; hence my nickname is elephant ear.

Fun fact:
Near the Equator, Alocasia have been used as food for millennia. In European palaces and their orangeries, the expression “à la Alocasia”  was used by the nobility as a whisper, probably because of the resemblance between the leaves and the masks used at the royal court.

Up to 2m high

Lively but not direct

15C - 35C

2X / week from April to September 1X/week the rest of the year

Wet room (Bathroom)

As soon as there is more roots than soil. repot it so a slightly bigger pot (1"-2" max)