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Getting Started

  • Leaf cleaning
    Let's all agree, what is our biggest enemy at home? Dust, it is embedded everywhere and is not good for our health.For our plants, well it's the same, when the dust accumulates on the leaves, especially the large ones, they breathe and filter the light less wellWhat to do? Clean the leaves with a soft cloth and a mixture of water and black soap! Some collectors add vegetable oil to keep pests away but be careful! The oil can clog the pores of the leaves and make breathing more difficult. We go sparingly or rinse!The result: healthy and shiny leaves!
  • How to take care of plants during winter?
    Yes, it's a bit of a difficult season, all your good habits taken since you bought your plant in the spring have to change a little, but here are the instructions for a good plant care !WATER💧Should we water more or less than in summer?  You're going to have to reduce watering a bit.  If you usually water once every week, in winter you would switch to once every 10-14 daysLIGHT☀️Less time of exposure to the sun, means change of decor in your apartment. You would bring your plants a little closer to the window so that they can recover the little light of the short winter days. But if you want to show off about it you can also buy horticultural lamps💡FERTILIZER🍴In winter, the temperature and lack of light, forces tropical plants to go dormant. As they vegetate while waiting for the sunny days. It is therefore useless or even (sometimes) harmful to boost them during dormancy. Too much fertilizer could burn their roots☠️HUMIDITY☔️Ah!! heating... worst enemy of plants and best ally of pests. It drastically dries up the air (see the tip previously written on how to get rid of insects and pests)!   Tip: spray the leaves as much as you can to keep parasites away! And open the door of your bathroom when you take long hot showers so that your plants enjoy it a little.Another tip: you can also put your pots on a bed of wet clay balls (on the cup). The leaves will benefit from the water that evaporates from them.The must of the must: buy a humidifier, if you do that, you will make more than one of your friends jealous!